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07/24/2016, 08:40
New ham who just got his ticket! Currently vacationing and hope to make some 2 meter contacts on the 5w HT!
05/03/2016, 22:23
Great Site!
Doug / af4ms
Talbott, TN
02/23/2016, 22:14
Nice website - checking out the area - Myrtle Beach is my favorite place on the planet.

Hope to get down there later this year.

Chesapeake, VA
11/17/2015, 08:34
Using an HT 5th floor balcony porch on Sunday ngt 15th Shore Drive / Lk Arrowhead,ocean side condo.
Heard Conway very well. Tried calling on max 5W when you went open call ins by ans...
West Carrollton, OHio
08/20/2015, 12:03
;-) Awesome site. Hope to see you all soon. 73
Guy Mallery W6MSU
Stockton, California
07/26/2015, 15:07
Will be vacationing at Myrtle Beach, 09-19-15 to 09-26-15. Your information is very informative, hope to make some contacts!!

Richard Sima/KB3NZV
Murrysville, PA
09/11/2013, 22:14
Will be on vacation (again) in beautiful Mytrle Beach from 15 SEP to 20 SEP. Wife Nancy is KK4KDU.
Bob Bauer/KC4HM
Louisville, KY
07/25/2013, 06:49
We plan to be in the area Sept 8 - 14th vacationing, not a golfer. This is a great website, my new MB info center. I'm lookin forward to making some 2M & 440 contacts while at the beach. We've been several times but not for a couple of years, excited about walking on the beach. Thanks and 73.
John Buck KD8RTP
Gahanna, Ohio
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