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            Ham Vacation Website

A ham in a popular tourist destination has put together a website designed specifically to help
out visiting ham radio operators. Mike Leek, W2SWR, of Little River, South Carolina, has posted
"The Myrtle Beach Ham Radio Operator's Visitor Guide" at http://hams2myrtlebeach.info. It
provides information on amateur radio related activities and repeaters in Myrtle Beach and
surrounding communities.
Leek noted that "as a huge APRS fan," he sees a lot of hams driving to and through the area on
vacation, but that he rarely makes contact with them. He said other resident hams also look
forward to talking with ham tourists but also have few opportunities. With that in mind, he said,
he put together his website to "get vacationers on the right track within minutes instead of
months." It lists local repeater frequencies, nets, club meetings, hamfests and more. So if you're
heading to or through the Myrtle Beach area on your next vacation, check out Mike's website
before you go for the latest local ham information.

                                                                                                -CQ Newsroom, Posted: Jul 23, 2010


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